Wuhan City

⦿A  charming River City with rapid economic and social development

⦿A key education and research center, with the most number of undergraduate and graduate students in China

⦿Automobile industry base and railway hub of China

● The auto production is over 2.43 million (2016)

⦿Optics Valley of China

● The overall income of photoelectron information industry is over 1 trillion RMB (2015)

Connections to Wuhan

Direct International Flights







⦿Seoul, Pusan, Cheju

⦿Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya


⦿Bangkok, Chiang Mai

⦿Taipei, Hong Kong


⦿San Francisco


⦿Cold Coast

⦿A large number of international flights from world major cities to Wuhan can be connected by Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

⦿Frequent domestic flights and high-speed trains between Wuhan and Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou (≈ per 30min)

Conference Venue

The conference will be held at the East Lake Hotel in Wuhan.


East Lake Hotel

⦿An amazing 5 star hotel located at East Lake landscape

⦿Welcomed a number of heads of state and VIPs

⦿Former chairman Zedong Mao of China stayed here for 48 times